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B'wood & cricket: Play on in 2010

Numerologists Sanjay B Jumaani and Jhernna S Jumaani tell us what’s written in the stars for the stars from Bollywood and cricket... Shah Rukh Khan More Pics

Salman Khan: 27/12/1965
Salman is governed by the fiery and impulsive Mars (9), and Saturn (8) - a planet that usually takes trials and then rewards depending on one's karma, will power and determination. His destiny # is 6 (27+12+1965=6) which denotes Venus, entertainment.

On the happier side, his lucky numbers are 3, 6 and 9. Tere Naam was predicted by me to be his comeback vehicle as the film name totalled to 27, which is 9. it was released on the 15th and 15=6. 2010 also adds to 3, and to top it, he would be in his 45th (45=9) year.

If he is considering marriage, there couldn’t be a better period than this for quite some time, though if it has to be Katrina, marriage looks unlikely for three more years.

Shah Rukh Khan: 2/11/1965
SRK is ruled by the romantic Moon (No 2) and creative Neptune (No 7). His name by default adds to a dream number, 42, and 42 is 6, which denotes Venus, the planet of love, luxury and entertainment. He couldn’t have chosen a better industry, as Venus also governs the film industry.

As a Scorpio, Number 9 of Mars rules him, so being in his 45th year, he should do quite well as opposed to a torrid (as predicted) 44th year, where Billu and the Knight Riders both flopped, adding to a shoulder injury.
Much before IPL started, we also suggested that he avoid using black as the team colour, even giving him the example of New Zealand, which hasn’t been doing well for many years. After being at the bottom for two years, better sense prevailed, thankfully - it is not yet official, but they will, in all probability, opt for a bluish shade as advised.

Amitabh Bachchan: 11/10/1942
While predicting on the Big B’s last birthday about him having to guard against stomach problems, we had wished we were wrong; but as destiny had its way, he was hospitalised on his 67th birthday. 67=4, Uranus or Rahu which can cause stomach problems. The last time he hurt his stomach grievously while shooting was for Coolie, he was 40 (4)!

We have also always said that ABCL would not do well under Big B as his numbers are not conducive for business, adding that if Abhishek were at the helm of affairs, the company could do better. And that is exactly what they did with Paa being co-produced in Junior Bachchan's name, and it did not do badly.

His destiny # is 1 (11+10+1942=1), which represents the Powerful Sun, which also represents leadership. In fact, 90 per cent of his films with # 1 Rekha were super hits!

Bahu Aishwarya (01/11/1973) is a # 1 too. To add to it, she is all set to enter her 37th year and 37=1, so it wouldn’t be too wayward to say that in 2010, Junior Bachchan is probably on the way!

Aamir Khan: 14/03/1965
Aamir is governed by # 5, Mercury, # 3, Jupiter and # 2, Moon. Mercury gifts communication skills and versatility, while Jupiter, wealth, and Moon, the gifts of the imagination. As predicted in Filmfare, he remarried in his 41st year (41=5).

It’s therefore a pity that except Yash Chopra, no other producer could sense his great chemistry with fellow # 5, Kajol (05/08) as proved in Fanaa.

3 Idiots and Dhobi Ghat ironically give us 5 too! And so did Lagaan. Being a Piscean, he is a Water sign and so is wife Kiran (Water sign) as she’s a Scorpion (7/11).

HRITHIK ROSHAN: 10/01/1974
Hrithik is a Number 1 (Sun) in Numerology, also influenced by Number 8 (Saturn) as he is a Capricorn, his compound Number is 5 (Mercury) (10+01+1974= 5). Numbers 1s can hardly play second fiddle and are best when in a position of authority.

His lucky numbers are 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7. His chemistry with Ash, a fellow No 1, in Dhoom 2 was there for all to see as also in Jodhaa Akbar (spelt numerically by us). Both his sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan, are Number 1 like him too!

His teaming with father Rakesh Roshan, who is amongst his lucky numbers, 6 and 5 ruled (06/09), had to be too good; that they are both Earth signs also works well for them. Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (two extra 'a's) and Koi Mil Gaya was brought on Number 6 by us numerically. Krrish added to 6 too, and so does Kites.

KATRINA KAIF: 16/07/1984
Regarded as a lucky mascot, not only in films, but also by corporates, Katrina is governed by No 7, Neptune and No 2, Moon, planets which lend gifts of imagination and creativity. She is doubly influenced by these planets as they also govern Cancerians.

Her name by default adds to No 28, or 1 which represents the Creative force, Sun, and also stands for leadership. Ash, who's been a brand ambassador not only for many leading brands, but also for our country (Miss World) is directly influenced by # 1, Sun as she is born on 1/11, and ditto with # 1 , and Ms Universe. Sushmita Sen (19/11).

A # 7, she was in her 25th (7) year when Singh Is Kinng and New York catapulted her to the top. However, currently she is in her 26th year and on her birthday, on Zoom, I had warned her to take particular care of her health. She will remain in her 26th year till her next birthday to then enter her 27th (27=9). Her destiny # is 9 (16/07/1984=9). In fact, her ‘hit’ co-star, Akshay, is a # 9 Earth sign (09/09) like # 9, Salman (27/12). She is also a Water sign (Cancer) and he Earth, and water and earth usually gel, unless in the case of a tsunami!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: 07/7/1981
Dhoni is governed by # 7 (Neptune), # 2 (Moon) and # 6 (Venus). 7, 2 and 6 are amongst his best numbers as 7+7+1981=6. A staunch believer in numerology, he sports jersey # 7 and wears a no 7 pendant too.
He is currently in his 29th year; 29 is 2 again. The big day when he got the honour of lifting the Twenty-20 World Cup was a Monday, the day ruled by Moon, (# 2). We won on the 24th. 24=6, 24+09+2007=6 too!

Six or Venus has been influencing the media and entertainment industry in immense proportions, sports being no exception. No wonder, Venus ruled people make good public icons. Though basically sportspersons, fellow # 6s, Kapil Dev, (06/01), Sachin Tendulkar (24/04) and Sania Mirza (15/11) have been more visible as models, entertaining us with their flamboyance, and making their ‘moolah’ in advertisements.

He should lead with example though he could face stiff competition from Yuvraj (12/12 wearing Jersey 12) when the Mohali lad, a # 3, will be in his 30th year.
(देलही टाइम्स,01.01.2010)

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