Friday, January 15, 2010

Did You Hear About The Morgans:Film review

Cast: Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker
Direction: Marc Lawrence
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes
Critic Rating: ***

Story: New Yorkers, Meryl and Paul Morgan are separated and on the verge of a divorce, until they witness a murder and enter the witness relocation programme. Sent off to distant and desolate Wyoming, they have a chance to rediscover each other again.

Movie Review: The last we saw Hugh Grant was as the immensely lovable crooner in Music and Lyrics. And the last we saw Sarah Jessica Parker was as the archetypal New Yorker in Sex and the City. Do we want to see this seemingly odd couple together in this romcom that really doesn't have anything new to offer? Well, okay, if you must....Totally time-pass.

The only novelty about this jaded script about a squabbling uptown couple who fall back in love is the emergence of a brand new character on Hollywood's screen. Say hello to Sarah Palin as she dons her celluloid avtar as Emma, the gun-toting wife (Mary Steenburgen) of a US marshall who has been assigned the job of protecting the Morgans as they enter a witness relocation programme to evade an assassin who's been chasing them from New York. Like Palin, Emma too is a hard-boiled carnivore who lives in the wilds, isn't intimidated by grizzlies and other wild animals and loves a mean hunt, while flashing her loaded gun and leather boots. And in case you miss the similarities, there's Mrs Morgan who exclaims "Oh my God, that's Sarah Palin!" when she first spots her. It's here, in wild and laid back Wyoming that the Morgans get a chance to shed their big city blues and discover the joys of giving and loving...Like, sharing quiet dinners in candle light or battling bears in the backyard.


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